City of Naperville

Wealthiest City in the Midwest – Naperville

According to the Naperville Sun and NerdWallet, Naperville is the wealthiest city in the midwest and ranking at position 19 in the nation.  The score is base on housing prices, household income, and credit availability.

According to Naperville’s status is:

  • Household median income $104,419
  • Median home price $364,300928-hobson-road-naperville
  • Average credit limit $67,075
  • 23 percent of homes have no mortgage


In comparison, the wealthiest city is Palo Alto California.

  • Household income $151,371
  • Median home price $ 2.5 million
  • Average credit limit $71,696
  • 34 percent of homes have no mortgage

Reportedly midwestern homes are more affordable with Naperville homes priced at half of homes priced in the top 10 cities.  Salaries in the midwest are reported competitive in comparison to the coastal cities.

The other Chicago suburbs that made the midwest’s top 10 list are Arlington Heights, Bolingbrook, Evanston and Palaltine.  The list is base on 475 citites that have a minimum of 65,000 residents with results from the U.S. Census


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