Why Hire a House Cleaner?

How many hours a week do you spend doing household cleaning chores. Just think about if you had more time at home to do the things that you would love how much is that worth to you? Would you spend more time with family activities or would you be a couch potato and watch your favorite shows? What would you do with your extra time?

Before you decide to get up and throwing them up here is a few things you might want to consider:

What is the cost. The cost Cleaning Services Naperille ILto hire a house cleaner can vary greatly anywhere from $15 to $45 an hour and just maybe more affordable than you initially thought. Depending on where you live how big your home is, whether or not you have pets, and/or extra services that you include can significantly increase the cost of your house cleaning service. That’s why it’s important to get a detailed estimate from your local house cleaning service. Therefore having a large house with a large family and a lot of cleaning that needs to be done weekly, you can estimate on spending at least $30 an hour per maid.

What is it worth. So the big question is what is your time worth? Whether you’re a working professional home or full-time caregiver each person will have to evaluate their situation individually to determine exactly what your time is worth. Calculate how many hours a week it takes you clean your home and compare it to the hourly rate of your local house cleaning service.

For example, a working professional may charge $100 an hour for 5 hours making $500. Hiring a professional house cleaning service may only cost you $150 for 5 hours. Depending your individual situation and needs this may be a good option. Have this extra time to focus on work and bring home that additional $350 by delegating and focusing on the task at hand, rather than taking the time describe your toilets and horse may be a wise choice.

House cleaning referrals. Get to know the house cleaning services in your area. Remember to ask for personal recommendations from your friends, family, and co-worke Cleaning Lady Naperville rs for a reliable home cleaning service. Naperville has reputable home cleaning services. One hometown reputable service that has been cleaning homes for 15-years is Naperville House Cleaning Service (www.napervillehousecleaning.com).

Choosing between an independent house cleaner and large corporate house cleaners.
Generally, a larger company will charge approximately 50% more than a local independent house cleaning service. Your large corporate companies will generally run a background check, be bonded, licensed and insured for the additional costs.

In comparison, your local independent house cleaner can offer a more tailored house cleaning service to fit your individual needs and will not have exorbitant overhead that larger companies maintain and pass the cost to you.
When choosing independent home cleaner consider a home cleaning service that has been in service longer than three months or has an equivalent experience. Many independent house cleaning services are owned by entrepreneurs that have worked for large corporate cleaning services. Essentially you’re getting the same service and or and more with a personalized service by a dedicated local business owner.

Figure out what your needs are.
Hiring a house cleaning service you need to prioritize your cleaning needs and make a list of the most important details that you want clean. For example, certain house cleaning services include only washing the kitchen floor every other week but others may consider it an additional cost. Typically ironing washing dishes, laundry and even picking up your dry cleaning can add extra cost to your service. The key to keeping your costs down is to manage your everyday life and clean up what you can in your own home on your own.

Hiring a cleaning service isn’t for everyone but it certainly reduces the stress to your life and gives you back a large portion of your time for you to be able to spend that time with your family and friends, doing activities that you really enjoy. Finding a balance in your life is what it’s all about. Remember it doing a little cleaning on your own goes a long way.


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